Employment -
Senior Stylist

We currently have space for a senior stylist to join our team in the new shop. We are a very laid back salon without all the rules, this allows our stylists to be creative and acheive their full potential, our management style is talent management and not micro-management, which creates a very positive work environment for all of our team.

We have 6 chairs used by 3 stylists, this allows 2 chairs available for you to use, so if you have a colour processing you can use another chair for either another colour or a haircut. We pay 50% commission and also allow a base salery so if you have a slow week you can have a base salary that ensures you are making an income, or if your commission is greater then the base salary you make even more. This is a fair pay policy that ensures you are earning your full potential, but also supports you during slow periods as well.

As a senior you can set your own hours, vacations, manage your own column and clients, we will support you in marketing and growing your business. If this is something you are interested in feel free to let us know 

Contact Matthew Kane
80 Boulcott Street
Wellington, New Zealand
Telephone: 022-129-6332

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