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We have relocated to 80 Boulcott Street. We have also rebranded as BlowUp Hairdressing. The new location is just out back of the Grand Complex right on Boulcott Street next to the Spark building. We look forward to seeing you there...

An article explaining our Price Structure:

Wellington hairdresser charges by length, not gender

Training Haircuts / Colours on Tuesdays

We are looking for people who would like to take part in our in salon training program, you can receive free haircuts and/or colours at the cost of colour ($25 to $35). If you are interested send us an email to

Hairdressers that Care...

We are a small shop in Central Wellington with Ella Stewart and Matthew Kane. Our shop is minimalist and no drama, so we can focus on what we love most and that is doing hair. Wellington is a fantastic city filled with artists, musicians, students and really cool people starting out new things in life. We keep our overhead low to allow for a better pricing structure, this way we are able to reach a much broader range of people, and we want to see people come back more often.   

We will admit we don't have the best coffee but we do a pretty good plunger coffee. Wellington has amazing baristas that focus on that as a craft, if we worked hard on serving a great coffee that would comprimise what we love most, and that is doing hair. So come and enjoy an amazing haircut and a pretty good plunger coffee.



We use CHI Hair Care Products and Hair Colour, which are high quality professional hair care products with the mission to provide the professional beauty industry with the most advanced technology based upon ‘Education, Environment and Ethics’.

It is important to me that we use a product line that has great results, is ammonia free and is also good for the environment. Wellington is surrounded by ocean and what goes down our sinks eventually ends up in the sea, so the idea that something is good for your hair, is good for our employees, and is good for the environment we live in.

BlowUp Hairdressing

80 Boulcott Street
Wellington, New Zealand
Telephone: 04-499-1636


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