Spring Haircuts

We are looking for models to take part in our Spring Haircuts campaign. This is perfect for Backpackers, Students, or anyone on a job search at the moment, also good for anyone adventurous and wanting to do something really cool with their hair.

We are asking that we can do something different compared to when you first come to use in a Before & After picture. It is your hair so you get the final say and I am open to your ideas as well. So if you are looking for something new this is the perfect opportunity for you.

If you are interested feel free to call us at 04-499-1636 or email info@blowup.co.nz


Illustration Models Wanted for the Capital Magazine

We are looking for models to take part in our monthly marketing campaign with the Capital Magazine. This is a great opportunity to get exposure to Wellington's Premier Magazine. For these campaigns we will be covering Hair and Fashions through the decades, our first campaign was inspired by Hair and Fashion from 1965 Mod Era:


Next we will be moving on the cover various trends from the 1970's, 1980's and Modern Looks before we go back to the 1960's once again. We are doing these every month for the next year so it would be great to have a variety of different things. We are paying the models for their time as well.  

We will be providing hair, makeup, wardrobe and photography, you may have photo's after as well. If you are interested send me a message. Please include you name, age, and if you can a recent photo of yourself, and a contact number. Feel free to include any questions you may have as well. 


Contact Matthew Kane
Telephone: 04-499-1636
Mobile: 022-129-6332
Email: info@blowup.co.nz

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