Ponytail Donations

We support Freedom Wigs in Dunedin for any ponytail donations and offer free haircuts in return for your donation, as long as you meet the following critiria:

•Hair donation must be 36 cm or longer
•Hair must be uncoloured or unprocessed
•Hair must not contain any grey hair

Freedom Wigs makes wigs for Kiwi’s through an ACC Subsidy so this is an awesome way to give something back. Freedom Wigs does pay for hair donations but the amount is according to length and weight, it is up to them to determin the amount. So this is an awesome way to get yourself a new haircut and some money that you could also forward to a charity of your choice, or buy a new pair of shoes.

If you are interested in taking part feel free to contact us.

DARE DO Fridays

We support various chairties in New Zealand with our Dare-Do campaign to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and Wellington Youth Service. We have currently raised over $10,000 towards these causes

How does it work?
Dare Do is about getting you out of your comfort zone and doing something Daring and Bold with your hair to raise money for Mental Health in New Zealand, and leaving you with confidence and pride in your new look. When someone asks you about your hair that is your opening to discuss our causes and ask for a donation.

What sort of Haircuts/Colours?
It is your hair so that is entirely up to you. We ask that you do something that is daring and bold that gives you a chance to spread more awareness around. The more daring you are the better for raising a big reaction from others.

For 2021 we will be making time on Fridays for this event, if you are interested in taking part contact us lot let us know