Hair Models Wanted

We are looking for models to take part in our marketing campaigns. We have two campaigns at the moment, one for Instagram Marketing or our Retro Marketing Campaigns

For Instagram it is a free haircut and/or sometimes a colour, we take a before and after picture and post to our Instagram Accounts, an example can be seen here:

For Retro Marketing we will be covering Hair and Fashions through the decades. We will be providing hair, makeup, wardrobe and photography, you may have photo’s after as well. We do pay for Retro Models between $50 to $100 depending on what we do or the type of campaign or publication, an example of that can be seen here:
BlowUp Hairdressing – Retro models

If you are interested send us a message. Please include you name, age, and if you can a recent photo of yourself, and a contact number. Feel free to include any questions you may have as well.